Yasmina Rodríguez

Born in Canary Islands (1986) she grew up surrounded by her island's endemisms. As an islander she loves the feeling of always having the sea touching the horizon line.


Searching for new experiences Yazz worked in Cabo Verde and Galapagos archipelagos with sea turtles, learning about different ecosystems and ways of living.

When she first arrived to these islands she got surprise with the beauty & power of nature. After four years working with tourism she is currently working in a marine litter research project at the local University.  

Frederico Pessanha

Portuguese, born on 1988 in "sunny Algarve", from early ages he understood the important role of nature. He managed to study at different Universities around Europe to grasp a more profound knowledge about it!

His long trips to Africa made him developed inside with simple things as free smiles from strangers or when people with so less possessions can share much.

The Azores appeared on the map as an opportunity for an Endemic lifestyle.  He is working as marine & land tour guide since 2013.  

Endemism is a species considered unique to a defined given region, geographical location or habitat type. Increasingly, not only species but also nature, humans, culture and traditions are becoming global and less exceptional. Because of those facts, our ethic should embodies a set of principles to preserve our local "environments". Because of those facts, our ethic should embodies a set of principles to preserve our local "environments". Therefore, let´s do every single fact of our life ENDEMIC!

ENDEMIC wants to contribute for the "bridge" between science and general public.

Results are the key to a conscious knowledge and choices!