A shop inspired in

the Azorean ocean and the african colours!

​LOCAL products

Articles made by "Azoreans" or inspired on the Azores! 


WORLDWIDE products

​Items found during ours travels, made by local artisans!

​On an attempt to contribute to a more equal and balanced world

we try to buy, through our store,

art pieces from small companies or single producers.

Just a brief sample of our articles!

  • Endemic organic cotton t-shirts

    We illustrate ORGANIC COTTON t-shirts using recycled textiles scraps. In our designs we choose to depict charismatic species of the Azores, as a way to transfer knowledge and awareness about the richness of biodiversity in this region!

  • Alternatives to single use plastics!

    We created some alternative to single use plastics and we promote articles made in Europe such as soups, luffa, bee wraps, iogurnest, rehusable shopping bags...

  • Sweatshirts inpired in the Azores

    These sweatshirts were created by MarAFora using exclusively

    designs for Endemic! We also covered the hood with our African

    fabrics to make them even more unique!!

  • An ocean of portuguese cork and african fabrics

    We made these bags using the traditional Portuguese cork and with an ocean of African colors.

  • Antitablets! the best entertainment for children!

    In a world constantly moving toward a technology oriented

    way of living and thinking, we want to offer handmade toys

    that reflect the "old way to play". 

  • Sleeping bags for babies

    Inspired on the Azores sea!

    ENDEMIC created a new lineage of

    handmade products for babies! 

  • Endemics for 4 paws!

    Because our pets also deserve a fashionable affection!

    Add some colour on your best friend!​

  • Seadreamer biju

    These articles are made with love and passion.

  • Barro & Barro

    Inspired on the Azores sea!

    ENDEMIC created a new lineage of

    handmade products for babies! 

  • Patifarias

    Hand-made articles that are created by a strong and unstoppable woman in Faial island. Many of them are for babies!

  • Marota

    Inspired on the Azorean sea, we brought you many baleen whales, sperm whales, tails, jellyfish, octopuses and other articles made by MAROTA in S. Miguel Island with materials like wood. In Faial, they are only available at the ENDEMIC store! 

  • Anne Marie Art&Craft!!

    Ceramic tiles are an important element in Portugal’s history and culture probably since the 16th century. With time, this element start to be forgotten, so many national factories were forced to close. However, a new use of Portuguese tiles come out and beautiful creations emerged giving a new life to this element. ENDEMIC brought an unique and creative collection from the warm Algarve!! If you pay attention to this technique, you will notice that accuracy and patient are included to shape and glue every piece of tile. 

  • Lapa Brava

    This is one of the designs that will be available at the ENDEMIC store soon! It represents very well the activity that we like the most! Thanks to Lapa Brava for this great job! Who recognize the four legs character?

  • Yogurtnest

    This is a multi-function tool which can be also used as a slow cooker, cooler or thermal bag, bread leaving nest and much more! But, the most important is that: this Portuguese creation made of Eco-friendly/durable fabrics and cork material, was meant to promote renewable materials as glass (no plastic) and save electric power (no power plug)!!

  • Maria Descalça

    Ethical bags, handmade in mainland Portugal, on a loom with cotton yarn and leftover recycled plastic bags! The inside has the vibrant colors of African fabrics! Even the labels are handmade! 

  • Azulejos da Ponta da Ilha

    Tiles made in Pico island by a french lady who moved to the Azores and got inspired by the nature of these islands!

There are much more pieces at the ENDEMIC store, come to visit us!

 Endemic Azores 2021 (Nº 25/2016/RAA)