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As marine biologists, we will guide you to the best snorkelling spots to explore the marine wildlife within the local volcanic environments and to learn more about the marine biodiversity of the North Atlantic.


We invite every experienced snorkeler to discover the Faial Island coastline! So, grab your snorkelling gear and explore the enormous natural aquarium that begins just off the Azorean coastline! 


In another life, we were all fishes! Come snorkelling, and visit your relatives!:p Submerge yourself on this amazing experience!


If you want to have your first snorkelling experience or get a bit of practice and discover what lies beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, this is your chance to learn it in situ!

Offering a different experience to diving, there is no reason for those who cannot or do not wish to dive to miss out an exceptional marine life encounter!!

Price: 45 each person (minimum 2 pax)

Duration: between 3h to 4h 

Include: Transport, equipment, briefing & debriefing, guided tour, a picnic with local products and insurances!

Snorkelling offers a freedom and simplicity that appeals to many people, come and enjoy this experience! 

Rent Equipment

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever (J.C)


Cressi Mask & snorkel       5€

      Cressi Flippers           5€

   Cressi Snorkel suit         5€


Cressi Mask & snorkel        10€

     Cressi Flippers               8€

   Cressi Snorkel suit            8€

Look around!
Azores, paradise inside&out of water
Our Picnic!
Don´t think too much!!
Endemic colours!
Azores´s cristal clear!
Snorkel Pro on rocky points!
The amazing underwater world!
Light up your adrenaline!
Snorkelling tour:

 Endemic Azores 2018 (Nº 25/2016/RAA)

Our Picnic!

Fresh local and regional products will make you fly from one island to the other at a speed of bite. If you are hungry just set up an excuse for a break and he will head to the most beautiful place on the surrounding area for a tasting session. It is possible that the products available on the picnic change with seasonality or availability. ​