In Contact with Nature
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This terrestrial encounter is meant to discover not only the endemic forest of the Azores but also the other things that grow in this volcanic soil!

The day starts with a trek on the north side of the island, followed by a dive in the ocean on a wild beach. After a picnic we will spend the afternoon learning how to grow a sustainable based food systems at the first permaculture farm of Faial, Myrica Farm. At the end of the day be ready to relax, laying on a hammock with a glass of Pico wine or a mug of herbal tea while looking at the horizon and listening to the forest melodies!

Be impressed by the diversity produced in this subtropical area!  

Prices: 80 euros (min. 2 pax)

Duration: 7 hours


Certified guide/biologist, lunch-picnic, transport and insurances!

A tour dedicated to a 100% natural, sustainable marine resource -  we are talking about marine algae.

We will snorkel to learn how to identify the algae species that are being used. If you are not willing to get wet or the sea conditions are not favourable we will search those species on tidal pools during low tide period. After we observe them in their natural habitat and we learn their ecological importance we will visit a local company, Sea Expert, which have a vast experience of many years working on marine algae processing for biotechnology and food industry.

We finish-up the “algae route” with an algae gin tonic!

Prices: 80 euros (min. 2 pax)

Duration: 7 hours


Guided tour by a marine biologist,

light lunch with local products,

 transport and insurances!

Prices: 45 euros (min. 2 pax)

Duration: 4 hours


Snorkeling equipment, briefing & debriefing, 

guided tour by a marine biologist,

data collection about marine litter,

picnic with local products,

transport, and insurances!

Endemic wants to join ocean clean-up efforts and help on the fight against debris in coastal environments. With this special tour we aim that tourism moves towards a more sustainable way of action and reaction against marine litter.

Thus, during the tour we will conduct underwater visual surveys to collect data on botton marine litter in shallow coastal waters of Porto Pim Bay.

The tour will also involve the collection and categorisation of floating litter items for later proper disposal!

Together we will make the “good action” of that day! 

Surf trips to São Jorge island are set according to the time of the year, number of guests and weather conditions.

Depending on that, we can manage your tour with our partners from São Jorge Island!

If the swell and wind are coming from the right directions it is certain that we will get epic surf conditions!  

Price: Contact us for detailed information!

Duration: minimum 2 days/one night


Surf and trekking guide, boat tickets, meals, accommodation, surf material and insurances 

Fajã S. Cristo (São Jorge Island)
Fajã S. Cristo (São Jorge Island)
Fajã S. Cristo (São Jorge Island)
Fajã S. Cristo (São Jorge Island)
Fajã S. Cristo (São Jorge Island)
Fajã do Norte (Faial)
Capelinhos Volcano (Faial)

 Endemic Azores 2018 (Nº 25/2016/RAA)

Fajã S. Cristo (São Jorge Island)