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Get Wet & Wild?


 ENDEMIC Azores is a small local company run 

by Yazz and Fred. ​


As biologists, our passion and appreciation for the world around us is strongly connected to species and ecosystems. ​ ​

As travellers, we know exactly the feeling of discovering a new place away from the mainstream tourist circuits.

As experienced guides in Faial and Pico since 2013, you can expect an unique overview of the island’s insights, biodiversity and curiosities!



If you would like to know what ENDEMIC means,

watch this video about Faial Island!

Film Production Company: João Costa (Carripana Films) 

Music by Óscar Tiraida and Sergio Rodríguez. Title: Roots.


Coastal Snorkelling

We are marine biologists and the first coastal snorkelling company in Faial island,

so we want to show you how diverse and colourful the Azorean sea is! 

The best way to see a fish is to become a fish, so discover the marine biodiversity of the mid-Atlantic rigde with marine biologist!

Trekking down to Caldeira

Our Endemic guides are authorized to take you inside the crater,

a natural reserve that represents one of the most well preserved ecosystems for endemic plant species in the Azores! 


These tours will give you a deep connection with nature, so much so that the hardest part will be to get back to civilization! 

Suitable for all levels of difficulty

 and through all possible habitats

present on the island!!

Farmer for one day

This earth encounter is meant to discover not only the endemic forest of the Azores but also the other things that grow in this volcanic soil!

You will be impressed by the diversity

of vegetables produced in this

subtropical area!  

Night-time birdwatching

The Azores are an important nesting place for migratory bird species; one of the most famous is the Cory’s Shearwater (Calonectris borealis) with 80% of the world’s population nests in the Azores! Join our night bird trip to listen their strange vocalisations while we learn more about them!    

Horta City tour

You may think that you can do a walking tour in Horta and explore it by yourself, and one thing is certain, you will never get lost!

But, if you compare Horta with a book in a library, it would be one of the oldest, dustiest and heaviest, so join our guide to discover this cultural expedition! 

Half and Full day

Van Tours in Faial Island

Let us zig-zag you through a guided interpretation of the surrounding geology & biology, traditions & curiosities, local flavours & breathtaking views.

Pico Day tour

Pico Island is too big and too mysteriously beautiful to be visited in only one day! But, we will try our best to introduce you to the local “lava architecture”, the culture of the vineyards and the famous, brave whalers! 

It is most likely that by the end of the trip you will want to go back for a deeper exploration!





Care & Dedication included! 


ENDEMIC articles are hand-made by marine biologists! We love to sew and create! Our attempt for a better living also encourage us to support local communities or individuals around the world by buying their local art&crafts. 

We also try to promote products that have their origins on renewable resources and/or recycled materials!

Our marketing philosophy also favors hand made products that are created with good work ethic. Therefore, whenever possible we try to promote eco-friendly and fair trade goods. 



Tel: +351 918191180 

or  +351 911745827

Rua Conde Dávila nº20, 9900-019, Horta

Store Schedule

Monday to Friday: 

10h - 12h30 / 13h30h - 17h

 Endemic Azores 2021 (Nº 25/2016/RAA)